Salt Brine Concentration

Solution concentration technologies based on evaporation consume minimum 35KWH per m3 of solvent water. Compared to evaporative concentrators, Hyrec can decrease energy costs by up to 60%. Hyrec technology can increase salt brine concentration, including seawater, to 20% with hydraulic pressures of less than 50 bars, improving recovery rates from 50% to 80%. It can be used to produce edible salt from seawater where conventional methods are not feasible.

HYREC - Applications HYREC - Applications

Seawater & Wastewater Concentration

The most efficient seawater desalination technologies available today have a recovery ratio of 50%. Hyrec has the potential to increase recovery ratios up to 80%. Seawater and wastewater concentration technologies based on forward osmosis and electro dialysis have high capital and operational costs. Hyrec reduces capital and operational costs by using a low pressure membrane process with low-rejection/low-cost membranes and less energy.

HYREC - Applications HYREC - Applications

Juice & Milk Concentration

Conventional technologies used to concentrate bio and food solutions cause denaturation and loss of flavor. Hyrec uses no heat or high pressure and preserves original ingredients.

Partial Desalination

Some applications require partial desalination of water. There are few technologies available today that can desalinate water partially. Hyrec can partially desalinate water economically.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Hyrec technology can achieve ZLD targets. It is the most capital and energy efficient method to increase concentration of waste streams. Hyrec can reduce energy consumption in ZLD applications by more than 60% per m3.

HYREC - Applications

Zero Discharge Inland Desalination (ZDD)

Brine disposal is the biggest drawback of inland desalination. Hyrec technology can work with up to 95% recovery with 10.000 ppm brackish waters. Hyrec’s high recovery ratios makes ZDD a viable option.

Precious Solute Recovery

Hyrec technology can recover precious solutes from waste streams of mining or pharmaceutical facilities.